Friday, September 10, 2010

Why This Blog Now???

There have been many friends and family that have heard my stories about living in the backwoods for the past few years.  I have been requested that I share these stories and personal experiences for those that are not familiar with life in a rural community, or those that have moved to other parts of the world and miss the strange happenings of everyday life in a small town.  These stories are for those that need a good laugh and that could only happen to me or my friends. I hope that these blogs make you smile and or reevaluate the way you look at life.  
So, here I am with redneck and all, smoking a cigarette and opening up a cold can of Stag beer to entertain and enlighten the rest of the planet on how things really work in a rural community.  My life thus far has shown me that God does have a sense of humor and loves all no matter how weird we all really are.  


  1. Sorry I didn't edit this before I posted...lost of

  2. As much of a beer drinker as I am, I can't say a Stag has ever been in my refrigerator. Though, this seems like it will be a fun ride for sure, and being a former country boy myself (well, however country a boy from Holiday Shores in Edwardsville can be), I certainly need a little reminder now and again what it was like. I'll be looking forward to some fantastical tales of adventure and mayhem. :)